Bree-Folk, Part II (Breeland Defender)


Today I have brought you Part II of the Bree-Folk: the Breeland Defender. Now, the defender is as different from the Lady as water is different from oil. The Defender is an occasionally-broke, always willing to die for her country, sort of person; she deals with ruffians, thugs, thieves, and other unsavory folk like Zeus deals with his opponents: with a huge smack upside the head with a hammer.


I jest, of course, but doesn’t she look like she can do some damage? She’s always on the lookout for trouble and is often the first person on the scene when there is. She is usually stationed at one of the guardposts in Bree, but can occasionally be found roaming about the countryside on a quest for Second-Watcher Heathstraw.


Other than other unsavory folk, she also defends Bree from wild animals, such as boars, wolves, and even the rare Pink Bear.


Another jest, this is merely what happens to a creature when smacked with one of her attacks. Not 100% sure why it’s pink, but hey, makes for an interesting story, right? 😉


Head – Rohirric Guardsman’s Medium Helm (White dye; Skirmish barter item: Rohirric Recruit’s Armour, level 80)
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secrecy (White dye; Lalia’s market item)
Back – Cloak of the Grey Company (White dye; Selectable reward for one of the Grey Company quests)
Chest – Polished Hauberk of the Dunland Shieldman (White dye; Selectable reward for the quest: To Lhan Rhos, level 70)
Hands – Hyrde-Folme (White dye; Selectable reward for the quest: Book 4, Chapter 5: Catrin’s Rebellion, level 67)
Feet – Boots of the Charging Stag (White dye; Selectable reward for the quest: Counting the Antlers, level 66)
Mount – Prized Malledhrim Horse named “Aesop”


Happy trails!

Miss Tinu

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5,000+ Views!

Hello all,

Just wanted to say a quick thank-you to everyone that’s helped this poor little site come so far. I just happened to glance at the “All Time” stats on this site, and I never would’ve guessed that we hit over 5,000! Hopefully I can start posting on a semi-regular basis, now that I am where I want to be in real life and in LOTRO. Next post will be up sometime before (USA) Thanksgiving!

Happy trails,

Miss Tinu

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Bree-Folk, Part I (Bree-Land Lady)


Ah, Bree! The sight of it makes some people sigh with wonder, while it makes other’s stomachs turn into knots, because they know that if they’re questing in Bree, eventually they will end up in the Barrow Downs. However, this post is not about the B.D.’s, it’s about different folk that live around Bree. There are, of course, many different types of people that live in and spend their days in Bree and the surrounding lands: farmers, warriors, craftsmen, store owners, even Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch has been known to visit the Prancing Pony once in awhile!


This first folk is a Lady; not just a female, but an actual Lady (like Lady Eowyn, of Rohan). Of course, this Lady is not a princess, merely one that’s a bit up on the food chain than others. She loves to ride her horse, appropriately named Margaery, around Bree, hailing everyone she comes across (as long as they’re not *too* scruffy-looking, of course). She also loves to mingle with some of the commoners, especially the loud-mouth, brash woman named Tad Ashmead, whom is constantly protesting in front of the Mayor’s Hall, in the heart of Bree.


However, this Lady’s utmost favorite place in Bree is a little-known garden called Jasmine’s Garden. It is often the best place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into nature, without going out into the dangerous wilds. Sometimes she goes to sing or read or even just relax and admire the flowers. On occasion, mostly during festivals, a local representative of the Ale Association will come with interesting (and sometimes disgusting) brews for the townfolk to try. Since this Lady is a full-blown member of the Ale Association, she has a cloak that she loves to wear around town that helps show off her high status within the Ale Association.


This outfit was actually somewhat difficult for me to put together. Surprisingly enough, putting together outfits that don’t have any gloves or shoes makes outfitting difficult. For me, at least. I had some leftover dye that I wanted to use up (to free up space for other cosmetic lovelies) and my little stash of navy dye was on the table. I wanted to create a set of Bree-folk for quite some time and once I saw how well the shoulderpads went with the dress, I knew it was time!


  • Head – Fine Elven Circlet (Undyeable; Anniversary embossed box reward)
  • Shoulders – Nestadbellas (Navy dye; Selectable reward for Book 4, Ch. 10: Herdsmen of the Starkmoor, and I believe Lalia’s Market now has a version)
  • Back – Cloak of the Ale Association (Navy dye; Can be purchased only during festivals with Gapi in the Ale Association, located in Thorin’s Hall. Must be at least a Friend of the Ale Association to use.)
  • Chest – Elegant Formal Dress (Navy dye; Available through the Store)
  • Horse – Prized Dunlending Horse


Once again, I’m taken aback by the amount of wonderful detail in some of these pieces. Take a look at the tiny gold beads in the cloak, as well as the tiny sapphires sewn into the brown lining of the dress. So beautiful!

Happy trails,

Miss Tinu

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noun: firefly; plural noun: fireflies
  1. a soft-bodied beetle related to the glowworm, the winged male and flightless female of which both have luminescent organs. The light is chiefly produced as a signal between the sexes, especially in flashes.


Fireflies (also known as Lightning Bugs, Glow Flies, and Fire Devils) are interesting little bugs, often seen during the summer time. They especially like to hang around places where there is water or other fireflies. If one were to catch a bunch and put them in a jar (with tiny holes in the lid for air), they make a very excellent low-light lantern. It was actually the combination of the lantern and the cloak in this outfit that made me think of a firefly. Granted, dragonflies occasionally eat fireflies, but it was the closest thing available. This “Firefly” resides along the banks of Mirkwood, coming out when the sun begins to set and going to sleep when the sun begins to rise. She helps assist nighttime travellers reach unrocky shores, kind of like a lighthouse. Of course, she disappears by the time they reach shore, but you can sometimes hear whispers of a “phantom beacon” from travellers.


  • Head – Ceremonial Stone-Reader’s Hat (Turquoise dye; bought in Lalia’s Market)
  • Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secrecy (Turquoise dye; bought in Lalia’s Market)
  • Back – Cloak of the Dragonfly (Turquoise dye; Store item)
  • Chest – Long-Sleeved Elven Dress (Turquoise dye; Lalia’s Market item, also can be purchased from Atharbain in Imlad Gelair, within Rivendell, if you have Kindred status)
  • Held – Lantern (Undyeable; Farmer’s Faire purchaseable item)


This photo was taken somewhere special in Evendim and I don’t have any other close-up pictures of this beautiful “hat”. But sometimes the beauty of LOTRO catches me by surprise; this was one of them.

Happy trails,

Miss Tinu

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Robyn Hood of Fanghorn Forest

I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience there has been since I have been away. But now I’m back and with even more outfits! Sadly, I have misplaced all of my other outfits, but I have made new ones, so never fear! This is the first of them.



I’m assuming you all have heard of Robin Hood. If not, the gist of the story is that he would rob the rich to give to the poor. Well, Miss Robyn Hood is just a little different… she robs Orcs and evil Men to fund her kinship house. Yes, that’s right, Miss Tinu is actually the head of a kinship! If you are on the Nimrodel server, and don’t have a kinship, come join us! The name is Warriors of Annudir (sadly, I did not name it. I took over when someone else left).


This is actually one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever made. I love the simplicity of it, yet it’s very functional. Plus, with hanging around Fanghorn, one could imagine that it is INSANELY hot and stuffy. The chestpiece in this outfit is one of my current new favorites; you will see it again in a later post.


Head: Traveller’s Hood (Dark Green dye)
Shoulders: Elain’s Discarded Shoulder Guards (Dark Green dye)
Back: Treasure Hunter’s Satchel (Dark Green Dye; it’s the sack of coins on her hip)
Chest: Ceremonial Secret of the West Breastplate (Dark Green dye)
Hands: Hill-Man’s Cracked Leather Gauntlets (Dark Green dye)
Legs: Shabby Leggings (Dark Green dye)
Feet: Polished Boots of the Dunland Shieldman (Dark Green dye)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the new post. And, never fear, Robyn Hood is here!

Happy Trails,
Miss Tinu


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Lots of Updates Coming!!

Hello fashioners and fashionistas,

I deleted the post, but if you happened to read it earlier, I found all of my outfit information! Thank Eru, I was starting to get very upset. But now that I’ve found all of my information, there are going to be lots of uploads in the coming week! I’m planning on doing three uploads per day for the next week; I’ve got about 17 different outfits to show off (two sets are different colors, so in total 19 outfits)! So, the uploading begins right now!!!

Miss Tinu

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New “Tough” Outfits


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1000+ Views!

Yayyy! I’m having such a girlie moment; my fiance gave me a strange look when I saw that this site has hit over 1,000 views! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone; and I’m working on my coverage of the Anniversary Fest… it’s been quite awhile since then, but I got some amazing shots that I want to share. Thank you again everyone!

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In-Game Outfitters Part III

Hello fashioners and fashionistas!

I am now bringing you the third, and final, part of the In-Game Outfitters set: the Shirt/Tunic and Pants sets! These are also good for both males and females, but they can also give a certain elegance to your character.

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