Lots of Updates Coming!!

Hello fashioners and fashionistas,

I deleted the post, but if you happened to read it earlier, I found all of my outfit information! Thank Eru, I was starting to get very upset. But now that I’ve found all of my information, there are going to be lots of uploads in the coming week! I’m planning on doing three uploads per day for the next week; I’ve got about 17 different outfits to show off (two sets are different colors, so in total 19 outfits)! So, the uploading begins right now!!!

Miss Tinu

About misstinu

Miss Tinu has been playing LOTRO for two years now and has characters on the Nimrodel & Firefoot servers. Her main model, Tinuveille, is located on Nimrodel and is a level 85 Hunter, and is the head of the kinship Warriors of Annudir.
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