noun: firefly; plural noun: fireflies
  1. a soft-bodied beetle related to the glowworm, the winged male and flightless female of which both have luminescent organs. The light is chiefly produced as a signal between the sexes, especially in flashes.


Fireflies (also known as Lightning Bugs, Glow Flies, and Fire Devils) are interesting little bugs, often seen during the summer time. They especially like to hang around places where there is water or other fireflies. If one were to catch a bunch and put them in a jar (with tiny holes in the lid for air), they make a very excellent low-light lantern. It was actually the combination of the lantern and the cloak in this outfit that made me think of a firefly. Granted, dragonflies occasionally eat fireflies, but it was the closest thing available. This “Firefly” resides along the banks of Mirkwood, coming out when the sun begins to set and going to sleep when the sun begins to rise. She helps assist nighttime travellers reach unrocky shores, kind of like a lighthouse. Of course, she disappears by the time they reach shore, but you can sometimes hear whispers of a “phantom beacon” from travellers.


  • Head – Ceremonial Stone-Reader’s Hat (Turquoise dye; bought in Lalia’s Market)
  • Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secrecy (Turquoise dye; bought in Lalia’s Market)
  • Back – Cloak of the Dragonfly (Turquoise dye; Store item)
  • Chest – Long-Sleeved Elven Dress (Turquoise dye; Lalia’s Market item, also can be purchased from Atharbain in Imlad Gelair, within Rivendell, if you have Kindred status)
  • Held – Lantern (Undyeable; Farmer’s Faire purchaseable item)


This photo was taken somewhere special in Evendim and I don’t have any other close-up pictures of this beautiful “hat”. But sometimes the beauty of LOTRO catches me by surprise; this was one of them.

Happy trails,

Miss Tinu

About misstinu

Miss Tinu has been playing LOTRO for two years now and has characters on the Nimrodel & Firefoot servers. Her main model, Tinuveille, is located on Nimrodel and is a level 85 Hunter, and is the head of the kinship Warriors of Annudir.
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